RFID Neck Wallet and Two Stylish Luggage tags

Main Feature

  • One RFID sleeve fit for US Passport
  • Six RFID sleeves to store up to six credit cards
  • 100% RFID-blocking material which protects your information
  • Blocking HF RFID Signal (High-Frequency RFID)
  • Must have for travelers, But and recommended for daily use as well
  • Super stylish and Fancy 

  • Description

  • Features

  • Travel Without Any Worries With The Alpha Keeper RFID Neck Wallet!


    Why Risk Your Hard-Earned Money?

    We all know that thieves and con-men have taken their trade to another level with the introduction of electronic devices.
    So, why not be prepared for those high-tech bandits?
    The Alpha Keeper hidden wallet is equipped with the so-called Faraday cage, which means that there are 3 layers of RFID-protective material 
    that block RFID transmissions and keep your sensitive credit card info safe!
    Especially during a trip, when you can be tired or sleepy, you definitely need an extra layer of protection around your valuables.
    The Alpha Keeper premium RFID neck wallet is extremely useful for people who travel a lot and can be exposed to constant danger in
    airports or foreign countries. That’s why our ultimate travel neck wallet will make a great gift for your loved ones who like to travel but don’t want to always
    be nervous about their valuables!

    Why Hesitate? Your Peace Of Mind Is Just A Click Away!


    A Heavy-Duty Hidden Neck Wallet That Combines Stylish Design Unparalleled Comfort!

    Our team of expert designers has created this durable, lightweight and comfortable RFID neck wallet for your
    maximum protection and comfort! We use exclusively superior-quality YKK zippers, so you can rest assured that they are durable and unbreakable.
    In addition, the easily adjustable and comfortable neck strap is connected with the wallet through a secure and
    heavy-duty 3.5mm reinforced plastic loop 
    for optimal protection.
    And when it comes to convenience, our RFID neck wallet has no match, since it features 2 ultra handy back loops,
    so you can effortlessly secure it to your belt or pants and the soft mash back fabric will enhance your comfort and overall experience.

    Can you really afford to miss out on this opportunity?


    Your Safety Is Our Top Priority!

    You can finally carry all your money, credit cards, and up to 4 passports easily with the Alpha Keeper sturdy RFID neck wallet
    and enjoy a safe trip! Plus, we proudly include 2 Amazing, stylish and soft PVC luggage tags, so you can easily and quickly identify your luggage
    and save precious time and effort!
    And if you want to make sure that you are covered even in the dreadful scenario of losing the neck wallet,
    we have included a clear front pocket where you can write your name and telephone number, so whoever finds it can contact you!
    It’s time to indulge yourself and finally own the safest, most comfortable and affordable RFID blocking hidden neck wallet!
    The Alpha Keeper neck wallet is here to make your life easier and your trips care-free!

    Why wait any longer?


  • Credit Card and Passport Protector Sleeve. Set of 7 RFID sleeves. Slip your Bank Cards and Passport into the sleeve and never worry about illegal RFID scanning again.

    Travel Document and Credit Card Protector. Make sure that all your cards, travel documents, and identity cards as well as passport are completely safe and protected with RFID blocking sleeves. Travel safe and secure.

    Beautiful Protection. No need to compromise on aesthetics while protecting your ID. Choose from 6 beautiful designs. Made with high-quality RFID blocking material that will last you a long time.

    Standard Sizes. The RFID Blocking Sleeves are made to accommodate all standard sized bank cards, ID cards, and Passport. The dimension of card sleeves is 3.4”x2.3” and passport sleeve is 5.5”x3.9”.

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