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Q. The clip on this looks flimsy, how strong is the snap clip?
A. It's not flimsy at all, its quite rugged. Rugged enough for a money belt. The release holds tight too.
Q. Can you tell if the zippers are detectable with a metal detector? Aluminum would be ok but steel will set it off.
A. We created our Money Belts with aluminum zippers, the money belt is not detectable with a metal detector because of they are made with aluminum zippers and they are very small, Except that all other materials are waterproof 210D rip-stop Nylon and plastic closure. 
Q. how big around is the belt?
A. Our adjustable elastic waist strap with a snap clip can be adjusted to fit you in comfort. The strap dimensions are: 14" when its completely shortened and 47" when its extended (the strap is elastic so it can get even longer)
Q. Is this machine washable?
A. Yes, the money belt is machine washable 
Q. If you wear it inside your clothes wouldn't people see that there is a bump where it is?
A. The unit itself is flat- if you keep paper money in it and just wear a loosely tucked in T-shirt iit would not be visible. It you wee to put an apple or a potato in it then, of course, there will be a visible lump
Q. How wide is the front zipper pocket?
A. The Dimensions of the front zipper pocket are: 6 x 3.6 inch
Q. Is this belt to be worn on the inside of your clothes or do you wear it out like a fanny pack?
A. It depends on you, You can wear it inside of your clothes or you can wear it out like a fanny pack if you want to, Actually we recommend to worn the Money belt inside of your clothes and use our credit card protector in order to be 100% protected. 
Q. Can I fit more than one passport in it? I'd like to carry my kid's passports.
A. You could most likely fit up to 3 passports in the belt maybe 4 if there is nothing else.

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