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About Us


Alpha Keeper® is a reputed brand that is dedicated to producing high quality and uniquely designed products for the travel market. We believe that the genuine success of a brand is in creating its own vibe in the market, which is why our stylish, aesthetically designed and pure quality products stand out from the rest. If you are looking for class and elegance, our products are the right fit for you.

Traveling is indeed an exhausting adventure which is why ensuring protection of our valuable belongings such as money and personal identification items are of utmost value, in the light of this, our product designs are made with due diligence and conscientiousness.

Having an established market in USA and Europe, we are escalating at a global level by selling to numerous other markets with the increase in demand for our valued products due to their sublimity. We invest our efforts extensively in ensuring high quality and appealing designs of our products, where every tiny detail is given due care which is why you will never regret purchasing our items for their fine features. Our products are one of their kind in the market as we seek to use only the best material in their manufacturing.  

We have attained major success so far for our two current brands: the money belt and RFID Sleeves set for credit card and passport, where we are ranked no. 1 for money belts which is evident through our Amazon 5 star reviews