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Stylish RFID Sleeves set - Multi Color Sofa

Main Feature

  • One RFID sleeve fit for US Passport
  • Six RFID sleeves to store up to six credit cards
  • 100% RFID-blocking material which protects your information
  • Blocking HF RFID Signal (High Frequency RFID)
  • Must have for travelers, But and recommended for daily use as well
  • Super stylish and Fancy 

  • We will Protect You while you travel: Our RFID sleeve set contains 7 sleeves for all your important documents. There is one for your passport and six for your cards. Travel safe and secure with your documents completely protected.

    Are Your Documents Safe? You think your ID Cards, Bank Cards, Passport and other documents are safe but they are not. You believe that when you have your cards in your wallet, or in your bag, they are safe and no one can steal them. You couldn’t be more wrong! Thieves are always one step ahead of technology and already have ways to break it and steal from you. Protect yourself now.

    You are Vulnerable! You are not safe anywhere if you have chip based ID, Bank Cards or Passport. Thieves have found a way to read all the important information from chip based documents without seeing them. They have powerful scanners that scan for unprotected chip based cards. You could just be walking by and come within the range of a scanner to have your information stolen. This is then used to clone your card and steal your money and identity. Get our Credit Card Protector now.

  • Credit Card and Passport Protector Sleeve. Set of 7 RFID sleeves. Slip your Bank Cards and Passport into the sleeve and never worry about illegal RFID scanning again.

    Travel Document and Credit Card Protector. Make sure that all your cards, travel documents, and identity cards as well as passport are completely safe and protected with RFID blocking sleeves. Travel safe and secure.

    Beautiful Protection. No need to compromise on aesthetics while protecting your ID. Choose from 6 beautiful designs. Made with high quality RFID blocking material that will last you a long time.

    Standard Sizes. The RFID Blocking Sleeves are made to accommodate all standard sized bank cards, ID cards and Passport. The dimension of card sleeves is 3.4”x2.3” and passport sleeve is 5.5”x3.9”.

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