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4 Things to Consider Before Buying Money Belts for Your Upcoming Travel

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Money Belts for Your Upcoming Travel

March 19, 2017

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Money Belts

Ever imagined a situation where you’re in a foreign country and suddenly you notice that you’ve lost your wallet? It would be a huge fuss getting back to your homeland. Thus, there’s no doubt that RFID money belts are very useful in your overseas journeys.
Wondering what makes money belts more advantageous than bags? There is a simple reason, they fit beneath your dressing and it’s next to impossible for pickpockets to find them.

Money Belts
RFID Money belts are preferred to keep your cash, credit/debit card or passport without any worries. Though there are travel pants with safety pockets, rfid money belts are preferable for their easy availability and low costs.

You need to keep some factors in mind while buying a money belt which is given below:


The size should be accurate to put your cards and cash in it. You surely don’t want it too large to be uncomfortable or too small for the cards to fit in. Always remember to check the dimensions first and the design must have multiple compartments for more convenience.


After checking out the size, you should focus on the material. Do you want a money belt that is made of a material which will not last long? Definitely not. Thus, we would recommend you to avoid leather. Remember, traveling surely does not exclude drizzly trips or damped regions.


After the size and material, the ease to open up the belt is a feature to consider. At times, you will need to get it out while using the washrooms. You will not like it if it gets stuck with your pants. Check out the accessibility of the belt strap to avoid any such annoying situations.


There are different categories of money belts depending on usage. A waist pouch is the most popular kind wherein the bag hangs around your waist. A belt loop pouch gets tucked into your pants and is a bit more secure than the waist pouch. A leg slash is worn around your ankle and it may turn fairly problematic while carrying a passport or a card.

Finally, the decision of which money belt to choose will depend on your personal preference and convenience. Thus choose wisely to make the most of your upcoming trip.

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